ARTS 101: Professional Development Workshop and Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s

Thursday, March 14, 2013


4:30 to 8 p.m.


Educator Workshop

Pre-Registration Required

Photo: Denny Henry

Educators explore the Corcoran Gallery's outstanding collection of American art and Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s. This exhibition is the first to explore the thriving underground of Washington, D.C. during the 1980s, giving visual form to the raucous energy behind graffiti, Go-Go music, and a world-renowned punk and hardcore scene. Interdisciplinary themes spanning six decades of American cultural life such as identity, community, freedom, and oppression are discussed in the galleries. Participants receive Pump Me Up: D.C. Subculture of the 1980s resources and the Arts 101 packet and teaching posters.

ARTS 101 Professional Development workshops are free for DCPS/DCPCS faculty.

Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Corcoran Gallery and College of Art + Design
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